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Welcome to our 2023 Summer Camps!

Our Unique Approach

The Game Gym curriculum was built by educators using proven methods to help campers retain the information they learn at Game Gym camps. All coaches are certified in the games they are teaching through a rigorous certification process. 

Our Youth Programs

Private Game Training

Private Training


1 Training Session = $40
3 Training Sessions = $108 (10% Savings)
5 Training Sessions = $160 (20% Savings)
Duration = 60 minutes

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Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference

Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference | 2023 Season 5 Spring

Season 5 | Spring 2023

MAEC Competitions

January 23rd – April 1st
Valorant | Rocket League
League of Legends | Overwatch


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Summer Camp
In-Person Registration Questions

What are the hours of the programs?

In-person camp hours are 9am-3pm.

Do you offer early drop off and late pick up?

Yes, parents may purchase before or after care plans during the registration process. Before care hours are 8am-9am and after care hours are 3pm-6pm. Camps at all locations start at 9am.

What days is camp closed this summer?

All camps (in-person and virtual) are closed on June 19th, July 3, and July 4th. 

Does my camper need to attend week 1 as a prerequisite to attend an additional week?

No, campers may begin camp at any week and receive the full camp experience. All camps will be accessible to both beginners and advanced players regardless of the session title.

What a Camper needs for In-Person Camp

Does my child need to have their own account for the game?

If a camper does have their own account for Rocket League and Minecraft (Java or Bedrock), we do suggest the camper bring their login information to camp. We have Game Gym accounts campers may use, but they won’t be able to access that account after camp ends, losing any progression they achieved over the week.

Will my child need to bring their own gaming equipment?

No, all gaming equipment will be provided at camp. This includes headsets, keyboards, mice, and controllers. There is no need to bring any equipment. 

Does my child need to bring their own lunch?

Yes. There will be a break for lunch each day and campers are expected to bring a nut-free lunch. We recommend packing non-perishable foods and packing lunch with a cold pack.

Will you be going outside during the day? 

Yes, we will have the opportunity to go outside for activities and lunch. We request that sunscreen is applied to campers each morning before attending camp. You may provide your child with labeled spray sunscreen if you want this reapplied. 

Does my camper need to bring anything to camp with them?

Campers may bring a backpack or drawstring bag. We encourage all campers to bring a water bottle with their name written on it. Please send your camper in closed-toe shoes. 

In-Person Camp Policies

Lost and Found/Personal Items

Game Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Found items may be held at camp location until the last day of camp. Any remaining lost and found items will be discarded at the end of the camp season. We understand some children will bring their phone to contact a parent after camp. Please let your child know phones are not to be used during camp hours and it is their responsibility. 

How do you handle discipline?  

No refunds will be provided for not adhering to appropriate code of camper conduct. For minor infractions, 2 calls will be made to a parent or guardian to help agree upon the best possible solution before a decision to remove the child from any camp session.

Virtual Camp Tech Requirements

Does my child need to have their own account for the game?

Yes. All virtual campers must attend their session with an account to the game they have signed up for. 

What technology does my child need to participate in virtual camp?

Communication: Campers will use Zoom in the morning from 11am-1pm and Discord in the afternoon from 1:30pm-4pm. 

  • Zoom– You DO NOT need an account when accessing our invite but must have the program downloaded on the device you will be using Zoom on. 
    • Desktop or Mobile
  • Discord– You DO need an account when accessing Game Gym’s Discord server. Please see how to create an account in the next question.
    • Web access, Desktop, or Mobile

Gaming: Yes, your camper will need the required devices and software based on their chosen game. Please refer to the list of required devices here: (hyperlinked  to master list of required devices/equipment or laid out here)

  • Adventure Strategy Games
    • Java Minecraft = Windows 10, MacOS
    • Rocket League = Windows 10, MacOS, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    • Super Smash Bros. = Nintendo Switch
  • Action Combat Games
  • League of Legends = Windows 10, MacOS
  • Fortnite = Windows 10, Mac, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Valorant = Windows 10

Does my camper need to have a Discord account?

Yes. Your camper will need a FREE Discord account. Please click on our join link https://discord.gg/gamegym and set up a discord account for each child if they don’t have one. You’ll need to click on the join link again (once the account is created) and join our Game Gym server.

Discord does require a birthdate of 12 years of age. You may need to create the account under a parent’s birth date and email.

Will my child learn all games offered that week?

During registration, we ask you to select 1 game to focus on during the week. If another game has other campers and your child would like to try it out, they can. This allows for your camper to have the appropriate games bought and accounts created before camp starts.

Virtual Camp Hours & Schedule

What are the hours of the virtual camp?

Virtual camp hours are 11am-4pm.

Will my child get a lunch break?

Yes. Lunch is scheduled from 1pm-1:30pm. Campers are to log off during this time and provide their body and mind with a technology break. 

General Registration Questions

How do I register?

You can click on any “Register” button on each camp page that will take you to ActiveWorks. ActiveWorks is the website we use for our registration.

Do I need to sign up for ActiveWorks to register?

Yes. You will need to create a free account on ActiveWorks to register for camp. ActiveWorks will save all your information as well as the information for each child you have, making your registration process for future weeks of camp a breeze.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any cancellation request must be provided in writing via email to our Camp Director at katy@gamegym.com. Cancellation requests submitted more than two weeks in advance will receive a full credit towards another Game Gym camp (in-person or virtual) or another Game Gym service. Cancellation requests submitted less than two weeks in advance will receive a full credit towards another Game Gym camp (in-person or virtual) or another Game Gym service, minus a $50.00 processing fee.

Will I receive more information after registration?

Yes. As we advance closer to your week of camp, additional information will be emailed to you reviewing general details for your camp location.

Is there a minimum number of campers required?


In-person camps: locations do require a minimum of 2 registrations per game. If a game does not meet the minimum, we will offer to move your camper to another game being offered that week or to another week that has met the minimum registrations required.

Virtual camps: require a minimum of 2 campers for a game. If your camper’s 1st choice does not have enough registrants, we will go with their 2nd choice game.

Health & Safety

Do I need to complete health forms? 

Yes. You can find all health forms on your ActiveWorks account.

What if my child needs medicine at camp?

Please make sure you fill out the required Medication Authorization form on your ActiveWorks. We ask that your child bring their medication labeled with their name, instructions and  time they must take it in a zip-lock bag. 

What should I do if my child is sick? 

Children who are exhibiting signs of illness (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) should be kept at home. If the child becomes ill while in our care, the camper will be supervised by the site lead and the child’s guardian will be notified to pick the child up immediately. Campers must be fever free for 24 hrs without medication to attend camp. 

Who do I contact if my child will not be attending camp for the day?

Please email our Camp Director at katy@gamegym.com to make us aware your child will not be attending due to an illness if absence is needed.

How is your staff keeping the camp venue clean and sanitized this summer?

Our staff have implemented cleaning procedures to help keep campers safe. All shared surfaces will be disinfected after use and social distancing will be exercised when possible. When arriving at camp, the welcome staff will conduct a temperature check to ensure all community members are healthy.

2023  Summer Camp Schedule

Below is the full camp schedule with the ability to filter by locations, games and camp weeks that you are most interested in registering.

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Contact Our Camp Director

Katy Crossnan

Questions? Contact Katy Crossan, Camp Director & Youth Programming

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