About the position: Game Gym is looking for a Broadcast Production technician to lead our live Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference (MAEC) broadcasts and other Game Gym content. This person will oversee running the streams for our 2022-2023 MAEC Season 3 tournaments as well as our championships that culminate into our virtual online events (Winter Games and Spring Summit).

Part-time paid position with 6-10 hour per week during the MAEC Seasons. Additional hours on an as needed basis.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Be our knowledge expert for Twitch, OBS, and what it takes to produce a top-notch stream such as troubleshooting stream issues or communicating with players, casters, or other department heads to relay the proper information needed.
  2. Have general control over the run-of-show, and are expected to be the driving force behind direct decisions that influence the content and quality of the show.
  3. Leading and produce 2 streams per week as scheduled by the MAEC tournaments organizer, for the entirety of the season. These streams cycle between Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

About you: You come with a love of broadcasting and an understanding of the gaming and esports worlds.

Qualities required:

  1. A strong leader and want to work in a position where your actions matter.
  2. Capable of working independently and planning ahead of schedule to avoid any potential setbacks.
  3. Comfortable being in charge of 2-3 hour event streams and actively helping mediate between different parties to keep the show going each week.
  4. Innate urge to always produce quality work, and actively improve the viewing experience more each time you boot up the computer.
  5. Come with a base knowledge of Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, League of Legends.
  6. Stay cool under pressure, and appreciate work that goes into the “back end” of a broadcast.
  7. Communicate effectively to other departments that is part of the Game Gym family.

Other Duties as They Arise:

  1. Providing updates to other department managers
  2. Coordinating with Creative Department to create new assets for stream
  3. Keeping up with changes in Twitch, OBS, technology or game updates that may affect stream
  4. Communicate with players, coaches, casters, non-Game Gym entities etc as needed

Location: Remote with primary communication in Game Gym discord using DM and voice. Option of broadcasting from the Game Gym Headquarters in North Bethesda.

Game Gym Requirements: Here at the Game Gym, Communication is a major key to success. Our mission is to provide all interns opportunities where you can learn and grow your experiences.

As a Game Gym team member, we expect you to respond timely to DM in the discord and emails, meet any deadlines from your Manager, reliable and dependable. We also expect our interns to participate as often as they can in our weekly staff Zoom meeting which usually 20-30 minutes.