Utah Esports Summit | November 4-5
Game Gym, Spacestation Gaming Partner to Produce Utah Esports Summit This Fall
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Game Gym, Spacestation Gaming Partner to Produce Utah Esports Summit This Fall

The esports company and professional esports organization will put on a two-day event in Salt Lake City for up to 200 students

ROCKVILLE, MD. –– August 2, 2022 –– Game Gym, a leading youth esports camps and programming provider, is partnering with Spacestation Gaming, a global professional esports organization, to offer a two-day Utah Esports Summit in Salt Lake City on November 4th-5th, 2022.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Spacestation Gaming to put together the Utah Esports Summit,” said Josh Hafkin, CEO and founder of Game Gym. “Not only is it a great opportunity to increase our support for the Utah esports community, we hope this event will open the door to future programs in the region to encourage the next generation of gamers to pursue their passion.”

The summit will take place the first weekend in November and will be open to anywhere from 150-200 students to participate in person. The tentative schedule of events for the weekend will include guest speakers on topics from high school esports to making esports into a successful career, as well as two tournaments.

“We hope that this year’s Utah Esports Summit is just the beginning of our partnership,” said Kawai Goodman, COO of Spacestation Gaming. “Helping to build strong programs for casual and competitive gaming across various ages and skill levels is something we are committed to do. We see this event as a big step in aligning the efforts of those that have similar goals.”

To pre-register for the Summit please click here.

About Game Gym

Game Gym is a leading youth esports camps and programming provider operating out of the DMV area. Since 2018, Game Gym has offered a healthy and holistic approach to video games with structured sessions and certified coaches designed to help kids game better and smarter! We’ve built out a year-round program of engaging esports training programs and camps, a variety of local and online leagues and tournament series, and high-end productions and events. For more information, visit gamegym.com.

About Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming is a professional esports organization with teams competing at the highest level across several top-tier esports titles. In addition to competitive teams, Spacestation Gaming provides value to gaming communities through collaboration with players and creators, production of original and unique content, and event hosting.

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