Birthday Parties

Virtual birthday is a success!

Game Gym hosted a virtual video game birthday party for my son during the pandemic. They did an amazing job of organizing the kids, running the games, and making sure everyone had a great time. The coaches who ran the party were professional and great with the kids. I...

My son loved his Game Gym birthday party!

I had my son's 10th birthday party at Game Gym. He loved it and all of his friends had a good time. I even got to play for a bit. Very relaxed atmosphere and the least chaotic/stressful birthday party I had for my son. Wish they offered overnights!- Jackie, Parent

A Birthday Party to Remember

The Game Gym was the perfect place for my son’s 9th birthday party! Every child who attended – boys and girls – kids who regularly game and those who never have – had such an awesome time! The staff was patient, clearly explained strategies to the kids, and ensured...