About Us


Since 2018, Game Gym has offered a healthy and holistic approach to video games, with structured sessions and professional, certified coaches designed to help kids game better and smarter!

We’ve built out a year-round program of engaging esports training programs and camps, a variety of unique leagues and tournament series, and high-end productions and events.


Josh Hafkin
Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m Josh Hafkin and I am the founder and CEO of Game Gym. I wear many hats and spend my days pushing Game Gym to be the best youth esports program in the world. I love helping kids find confidence in themselves and supporting our local esports community.

Evan Shubin
Chief Operating Officer

Evan Shubin here, I’m COO of Game Gym.  As the parent of two teenage boys (both of whom are Game Gym enthusiasts), I was forced to accept esports at a late age, but now I’ve got religion! I love Josh’s vision for a healthy approach to esports, and I’m excited by the way we’re expanding our programs to help parents and kids make the most out of gaming.

Michele Shubin
Vice President of Operations

I’m excited to be part of the Game Gym family! Yes, Evan Shubin is my husband and we have been able to successfully work together for the last 10+ years. We both have supported our two sons playing online games for 7+ years. We encouraged them to achieve a balanced set of activities. Of course, esports was one of them. I’m looking forward to helping parents understand the healthy approach to esports!

Adina Lowenstein
Program Director

I’m a passionate educator who loves helping young people exercise their creativity. I connect with coaches to make sure everyone has a successful learning experience. I’m eager to help out the Game Gym squad with organization and curriculum structure. It’s awesome to witness such incredible enthusiasm for esports and I’m proud to be a part of the team!

Ian Beall

Social Media Manager

I’m Ian and I run social media for Game Gym! I’m extremely fortunate to be the social voice of the Game Gym because I enjoy engaging with others and building relationships within the esports community on behalf of the Gym. Previously, I’ve been fortunate to compete competitively in Call of Duty on a global level with friends made in person and through online competition. I believe in what we’re doing here for youth gamers in the DMV area, and what we provide to the competitive scene and online gaming at large.

Johnny Weaver
Online Tournament Organizer

Hi there! My name is Johnny Ryan Weaver. I’ve been involved with esports and different cons since 1992. Competed on the Halo Circuits from 2002 to 2015. Plus, I’ve hosted my own events and have been an Official Tournament Admin for MLG, UGC, Okgamers.com, DreamHack, SxSW, GamersOutreach, Extralife, Gamestop, Tokyointulsa, and more since 2001. I’m currently involved with the k-12 esports programs around Oklahoma and am an esports contractor for Oklahoma City University. I also work with the Oklahoma City Thunder for upcoming esports and gaming events. I have over 1500+ events under my belt and almost 18 years of experience. My motto is for the gamer, by the gamer!

Maya Kushner
Executive Advisor

Hi, I’m Maya! I’m an attorney and I have been working in downtown DC for the past four years. I have twelve plus years of tutoring experience, teaching Calculus, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics, among other subjects. I taught myself how to code, and now I have been volunteering as a Python (coding language) instructor for two years and counting. I discovered League of Legends while I was in law school, and it has been my favorite game ever since. Outside of work and gaming, my interests include traveling, reading, baking, and trying new teas. As a League of Legends coach, I would like to instill in my gamers the importance of critical thinking; I will teach them the fundamental mechanics and basic tactics of the game, but will also encourage them to develop and test their own strategies. I think what sets The Game Gym apart is its mission to train young gamers while also teaching them important life skills, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of it!