2020 Winter Games
Winter Games Community Message
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Winter Games Community Message

A Message from Game Gym CEO, Josh Hafkin

Dear Game Gym Family,

I hope this email finds you happy and healthy during these crazy times.

Due to Covid, it has been an incredibly tough, but rewarding year for Game Gym. We were unable to play together in person for much of it, but it has led to some wonderful new opportunities. One of those new opportunities is the development of our three online charity events which we’ve dubbed “The DMV’s Triple Crown”: The Summer Bash, Winter Games, and Spring Summit.

The goals of these events are threefold, to raise money for the Extra Life Foundation which benefits Children’s National Hospital, to highlight the amazing local entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders in our region, and to provide our esports athletes with fiercely competitive championships to work towards. Our Summer Bash in August was a huge success and most importantly, we raised $11,000 for the Extra Life Foundation and Children’s National Hospital!

Now, it is our goal to build upon that success with the Winter Games, Dec 4-6. Starting Friday and running throughout the weekend, the Winter Games will showcase incredibly innovative speakers from all over the industry. Entrepreneurs from the worlds of fashion, virtual reality, and game streaming will inspire the next great thinkers. Industry leaders in accessibility, mental health, esports law, and education will share their expertise and inside knowledge. And our hometown esports pros from the Washington Justice and Wizards District Gaming will join us to talk about their incredible performances in their 2020 seasons and give us a sneak peek into what is to come in 2021.

As the sun goes down each day, the District Esports League will culminate with championship tournaments for Rocket League 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s. Other competitions include a FIFA 1v1 showcase, an Overwatch 6v6 tournament, and a Minecraft build competition for those under 18.

Our team has been working for months and I am incredibly proud of the show we’ve put together. I hope that you’ll join us for a jam-packed weekend of incredible esports action, engaging and innovative speakers, and raising money for the best of causes. Check out the Winter Games homepage for the Run of Show and more information on the Games.Sending you and your families all the good vibes.


Josh “ExtraBarbecue” Hafkin