Thank you for five years. Next phase of Game Gym.
Thank you for five years. The Next Phase of Game Gym.
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Thank you for five years. The Next Phase of Game Gym.

On the fifth anniversary of Game Gym’s founding, we are excited to announce the launch of the Game Gym Esports Training App, available now for IOS and Android.  For years we have been working on different ways to train gamers of all ages and skill levels, and we’re thrilled to be launching this platform after all that work. But to understand our app and the goals behind it, you have to know who we are and our “why.” 

Game Gym was founded five years ago with the goal of providing structure, coaching, and community to the DC metro community. We started off in Cabin John Shopping Center in a converted office space that came alive with a little bit of paint and belief. During that first year, we hosted professional esports teams, we were featured in the Washington Post, we launched the FLEX Tournament Series, and we ran our very first summer camps. 

Anyone who was able to attend a FLEX or afternoon program during those days knows what we built was special, not because we had the best tech or the best space, but because of our “why.” We looked after each other, we created a space to learn and grow, and we built a place that was holistic in nature and appealed to not just gamers, but people. People think of us as the Average Joe’s Gym of esports. We aren’t concerned about whether to go pro or not, we just want to help you get better and do it in a healthy way. 

Five years later, we’ve moved on from our physical space, but our “why,” the structure we’ve built, and our passion for education, competition, and community continue to be the cornerstones of our future.

So what is the Game Gym app all about, and who is it for? Well, it’s for YOU! And anyone who is sick of watching YouTube videos and trying to get better that way. No knock on YouTube, it’s a great resource, but it’s crazy that before now, it was the best esports training tool out there! 

The Game Gym app delivers structured video workouts from your favorite Game Gym-certified coaches to help you play with a purpose and improve faster. With a subscription, you’ll receive new workouts in a variety of different games each week, an ever growing archive of esports training resources, content from our friends and partners, and awesome prizes to reward you for your hard work. 

We also wanted to tie our digital ecosystem to local esports communities. That is why our store features event tickets and experiences, not just gaming hardware. We want our gamers to reward themselves with a trip to see their hometown professional esports team, tickets to a local gaming event, or a unique experience with an industry expert.  For those in the DC area, you’ll see tickets to Washington Justice competitions, Wizards District Gaming tournaments, the upcoming BLAST premier series, and the legendary Super Smash Con. 

We will soon be the premier esports training platform and community out there!

And this is just the beginning: in the future, our app will feature thousands of workouts, our store will expand to feature new items and experiences, and the social component will evolve giving our users more interaction and personalization options.


So in closing, thank you for your support of Game Gym over the last five years. It’s been a truly remarkable ride, and we wouldn’t be here without the help and support of our community. We hope that you give our app a try, and we welcome your feedback. 

As a thank you, here is a code for 50 percent off your first month. Use the code LAUNCH50 at checkout for the discount! 

From everyone at Game Gym, thank and we’ll see you in the app!