The DMV'S End of Summer Bash

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Bash Schedule

End of Summer Bash Prizes

Friday, August 21

5:00 PM – 5:15 PM EDT
Rocket League Bracket Drawings
5:15 PM – 5:45 PM
End of Summer Bash: Jackbox Edition

Arnie Niekamp
Writer/Director at Jackbox Games

Join in for some light-hearted summer fun with the creators of Jackbox Games and esports community members in the DMV. We’ll be playing a variety of Jackbox classics where everyone is welcome to join and play!

6:00 PM – End
Overwatch 1v1 Battle

End of Summer Bash Prizes

Saturday, August 22

10:00 AM – 11:45 AM EDT
Presentations and Interactive Interviews

10:00 AM
ShockRods: Something Old, Something New, Something Awesome.
Alex Watts, Community Manager, ShockRods

What do you get when a legendary games developer like Stainless Games (Carmageddon, Magic the Gathering) and a modern era of skillshare session? ShockRods. An arena shooter drenched in classic ethos, with the movements and gyle of a modern title, ShockRods is a frenetic melee of lasers, synth-rock and no-frills fun. Kick off the Summer Bash by learning more about this exciting game!

10:15 AM
Preview: OcuClips
Mohil Gupta, Founder, OcuClips

OcuClips is an adjustable-to-all-frames, cushioned glasses attachment product that alleviates the discomfort experienced by glasses wearers when they wear headgear (headphones, helmets, outerwear). OcuClips is made from a moisture wicking and conforming, plush-like material, integrates a nonslip technology to grip to frames, and is designed to be detachable.

10:30 AM
The MetaVerse: Multiplayer VR and the Internet’s Next Evolution
Winston Matthews, Founder & CEO, WinWorld Games

The last decade has seen a major paradigm shift in the way humans interact with each other through social media. The next decade will see an even more dramatic change to a new version of the Internet and social media that links us to a globally shared virtual space, the MetaVerse. 17-year old entrepreneur and VR game developer Winston Matthews will provide an early look at the trailer of his new multiplayer VR game, Triumph.

11:00 AM
How Do You Break Into The Esports Industry?
Jared Wynne, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, WIN

If you’re thinking about doing something in esports, you better come prepared. For as fun and exciting as the scene can be, it’s also a space that can be utterly unforgiving to the unknowing. Be sure to be prepared for your next foray in esports with these five essentials as outlined by industry veteran Jared Wynne ( who has been working in the space for nearly a decade.

11:15 AM
How to Get Involved in Content Creation for Gaming
Stella Chung, Host and Producer, IGN

Over the years, the gaming industry has gone through various waves of changes and has become a bit intimidating to approach. Join Stella Chung, Producer and Host at IGN, as she explores all the different ways you can be involved in creating digital content in the gaming industry and how these evolutions through the years actually help you out more than you think!

11:30 AM
Do You Have What it Takes?: Collegiate Esports
Dylan Liu, Founder, UConnect Esports

Whether you’re an aspiring esports professional player or a fan of esports in general, the collegiate esports scene is your place to take your talents to the next level. But how can you make the biggest impact in this highly competitive space? Join Dylan Liu, founder and CEO of UConnect Esports, as he discusses the intricacies of collegiate esports, what’s coming next, and where your next opportunity to make a difference may be.

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
How We’ll Increase Diversity in Esports

Esports has historically suffered from a lack of diversity since its early years. But, with diversity comes innovation and opportunity which is highly sought after for any business in esports. Join in with industry insiders as they discuss their various approaches to esports, and how they plan to increase diversity in this rapidly-evolving space.

Dana Rodriguez
Senior Marketing Manager, VYSA

Laveen Daryani
Esports Business Operations Manager, Washington Justice

Olivia Richman
Staff Writer, WIN

Neil Johnson
Director of Esports, EventsDC

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Esports–Growth and Development as Extracurricular

In 2018, The Game Gym set out on a mission to redefine youth development by harnassing the opportunities of a rapidly evolving esports industry and combining it with the tried and true practices of traditional youth camps or facilities. Join in with Game Gym founder Josh Hafkin and a panel of esports conditioning practitioners as they explain how esports can keep you active, healthy, and most importantly: growing to achieve your goals!

Lindsay Brown

Dr. Lindsey Migliore

Carl Daubert
Performance Coach

Josh Hafkin
Founder & CEO, Game Gym

2:00 PM – END
Rocket League 2V2 Tournament Presented by Events DC
Cast by OTN

End of Summer Bash Prizes

Sunday, August 23

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM EDT
Presentations and Interactive Interviews

10:00 AM
PlayVS – The Official High School Esports League
Drew Michaelis, PlayVS

Learn how you can participate in esports at your high school with PlayVS – the nation’s leading high school esports network.

10:15 AM
Varsity Collegiate Esports and You!
Russ Hamer, Esports Program Director, Mount St. Mary University

Dr. Russ Hamer, the director of esports at Mount St. Mary’s University will talk about varsity esports at the college level. He’ll cover topics such as how to get recruited, what to look for in a college program, how to reach out to coaches, and how to use esports to your advantage as a student.

10:30 AM
A Conversation with Luke Thompson (ReedPOP)
Luke Thompson, Head of Esports, ReedPOP

Meet Luke Thomspon, Head of Esports for ReedPOP, and learn more about what it takes to excel in the exciting world of esports.

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Growing Up as a Pro: Esports Edition

Esports requires the most dedication to compete among all sports. The endless days of practicing, trips taken across the world, and extensive time spent away from friends and family are all difficult for those who strive to be a pro. But what happens when you also need to grow up as a person? Hear from players as they discuss their journeys to adulthood and life lessons learned along the way to becoming a professional competitive gamer.

Kim Meltzer 
CEO, Destination Esports

Former World Champion, Vain Glory

NRG jnstn.
Pro RL Player, NRG Esports

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
Local Leaders in Esports: The DMV Bands Together!

Not only is DC the nation’s capital, but it has shown why it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations for esports in the world. The DMV banded together for the End of Summer Bash to showcase what esports is (and can be) for the future of gaming and youth development. With key players like Wizards District Gaming and the Washington Justice, along with youth development facility The Game Gym, join in on this panel to learn what esports can offer you and how the path to pro is already here for kids and adults alike!

Josh Hafkin 
Founder & CEO, Game Gym

Grant Paranjape
Vice President of Esports Business, Washington Justice

Andrew McNeill
Director of Esports, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Neil Johnson
Director of Esports, Events DC

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
FIFA/World Cup 2026 Showcase Presented by Events DC

Join us as we discuss DC bid for the World Cup, iconic soccer moments in the DMV, and why esports are a vital part of event cities WC bid!

Neil Johnson
Director of Esports, Events DC

Sebastian Salazar

Bill Hamid
DC United

2:00 PM – End
Valorant 5v5 Battle – Cast by OTN