Streaming Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our Game Gym Twitch channel and the start of our own Stream Team!

Game Gym Streamers will work with our trained professionals to learn everything they need to run a successful streaming channel. We’ve seen that streaming builds self-confidence, public speaking skills, organizational and promotional skills, and we want to make sure your kid gets the right start.

Our program is based on a tier system.

Bronze – 1 – 10 hours –¬† Learning the ropes

All Bronze Streamers will work one-on-one with our coaches to learn the different aspects of running a successful stream. Bronze Streamers will complete our set streaming curriculum and must stream with a coach at all times. These first ten sessions are scheduled as private lessons with our coaches. They can be held at any time that works for both parties.

Silver – 10 – 30 hours – Training Wheels

Silver Streamers have the freedom to stream from the Game Gym’s channel by themselves. Coaches will join our Silver Streamer for their 1st, 5th, 10th, & 15th hours, but the streamer will be running the show. Silver Streamers will be able to participate in our live streamed events such as FLEX. The Gym will have a sign-up sheet where members of our Stream Team can book their hours. No streamer is allowed to stream for more than one hour a day.

Gold – 30+ hrs – Program Completion

After accruing 30 hours of supervised streaming hours, you will be a certified Game Gym Gold Streamer. At this point, Stream Team members are welcome to participate in any Game Gym event and are able to stream from the Game Gym’s Twitch channel with minimal supervision. Gold Members will also help in the training of our new Bronze members.


Bronze = $400

Silver = $200

Contact us to sign up!