Head of Production

Paid Position: $20-25/hour, 15-20 hours/week

About the Position: Game Gym is looking for a Production Lead and Content Strategist to direct our Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference broadcasts and guide coaches through our content creation process. You will work with our current Production Team to assure our Twitch streams are top-notch and push the implementation of new elements into our broadcasts. You will also work with our Coaches and Curriculum Coordinator to lead the strategizing, filming, and editing of content for our new Game Gym Online platform.

About you: You come with a deep understanding of live Twitch broadcasts and are a troubleshooting extraordinaire. You understand the pre, during, and post-process of broadcasting and what is required both before and after a broadcast to assure success. You work well under pressure and love being the person people turn to when issues arise. You think ahead and curb problems before they arise. You also have a vision for content creation and can bring an idea to life by working collaboratively.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Must be able to oversee, in person, twice-weekly broadcasts at Game Gym HQ in Rockville, MD
  • Leading Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference broadcasts
  • Leading end of the season, championship event broadcasts
  • Overseeing Production Department staff and interns
  • Developing plans for troubleshooting and broadcast issues
  • Coordinating with Tournaments and Marketing departments to assure alignment
  • Shepherding the strategizing and creation of Game Gym Online content

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Complete understanding of OBS and vMIX
  • Complete understanding of Adobe Suite applications (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Ability to thrive under the pressure of live broadcasting
  • Able to troubleshoot audio or gameplay issues on the fly
  • Always thinking of ways to improve broadcast
  • Produce VOD’s and short-form content from the broadcast in quick turnaround time, for uploading to social media
  • Knowledge of multiple esports titles such as LoL, Rocket League, Overwatch
  • Understanding of the content creation process
  • Ability to lead and teach a team

Location: Remote with primary communication in Game Gym discord using DM and voice.

Game Gym Requirements: Here at the Game Gym, Communication is a major key to success. Our mission is to provide all interns opportunities where you can learn and grow your experiences.

As a Game Gym team member, we expect you to respond timely to DM in the discord and emails, meet any deadlines from your Manager, reliable and dependable. We also expect our interns to participate as often as they can in our weekly staff Zoom meeting which usually 20-30 minutes.