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Coach Solomon

Coach Solomon

My name is Solomon and I am finishing my second year at NOVA studying Business and Event Management. Smash Bros and Minecraft are my specialties and I have been playing both since childhood. Also, I’m a part time barista in addition to my role at Game Gym. My other hobbies include filmmaking, content creation, and making a good cup of joe! I look forward to working with anyone who is excited to have fun while improving their gaming skills.

Games: Minecraft, Super Smash Bros
Discord: Zollstar#9507

Coach Elijah

Coach Elijah

Hi my name is Elijah Zack. I’m a college student at UMGC studying communications. I live in Potomac Maryland. My favorite video games are Super smash Bros Ultimate and Fallout 4. When I’m not playing video games, I like working out, hiking playing, playing sports and traveling.

Games: Minecraft | Super Smash Bros
Discord: Cheeser56#3958

Coach Warren

Coach Warren

As a professional StarCraft 2 player along with former Collegiate League of Legends player I have the knowledge to help you succeed in the goal you have. I believe that asking students questions that drive them to find the right answer on their own is a very powerful and underrated tool. I am a strong believer in increasing the game knowledge of students while teaching them the best ways to improve and see success. I believe you can learn more from losing than you can from winning. You can learn from winning but the value is lessened.

Games: Pokemon VGC | StarCraft | League of Legends | Valorant | Fortnite
Discord: hopesc2

Coach Daniel

Coach Daniel

Hey Everybody, I'm Coach MccDann, here with all the Smash Bros Ultimate Guides you'll need to set the course on learning game fundamentals, a progressive competitive mindset, and more all to fine tune your playstyle and turn yourself into a viable competitive player.

Games: Super Smashh Bros.
Discord: MccDann

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