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Franklin Douglas

Franklin Douglas

Hey! I'm Coach Franklin aka "Flexecution". As someone who is a traditional sports athlete and has a college degree in game design, working at Game Gym as an esports coach is a perfect fit for me. I enjoy helping my students explore their interests in a way that is fun and effective. I always strive to create a positive and inclusive environment to ensure that everyone feels welcome and knows that they are a part of the team.

Games: Super Smash Bros
Discord: flexecution#9694

Chase Pena

Chase Pena

Hello! My name's Chase, I'm a Minecraft Coach & Content Creator for Game Gym. Previously a Minecraft & Overwatch Youtuber, Coach, and Competitive Player. I'm ready to teach a new generation of gamers how fun Minecraft can be with a competitive and analytical mindset. Being a mentor and helping people find their passion is something I've always dreamed of and being able to do this with such an amazing program is truly an honor. I look forward to great coach and content creator for you!

Games: Minecraft, Overwatch
Discord: Chase#3582

Solomon Brown

Solomon Brown

My name is Solomon and I am finishing my second year at NOVA studying Business and Event Management. Smash Bros and Minecraft are my specialties and I have been playing both since childhood. Also, I’m a part time barista in addition to my role at Game Gym. My other hobbies include filmmaking, content creation, and making a good cup of joe! I look forward to working with anyone who is excited to have fun while improving their gaming skills.

Games: Minecraft, Super Smash Bros
Discord: Zollstar#9507

Caleb Fogg

Caleb Fogg

My name is Caleb and I am a high school senior with professional gaming experience.. I am very open minded when it comes to learning new materials and skills and hope to teach others my approach. My future plan is to get a college scholarship in esports and my other academic interests. My goal is to make it to the next Rocket League Championship Series. I look forward to working with the new generation of young gamers. Games: Rocket League Discord: itzjayyr#1469

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