Summer Season Pricing (June-August)

Game Gym Membership = $150/mo

Summer Membership Promo = $99/mo for June, July, and August

  • Access to the Gym for free play
  • Ability to sign up for unlimited classes
  • Coverage of the FLEX Tournament venue fee
  • Education on healthy gaming habits
  • Special guest appearances from esports industry pros and executives
  • Ability to bring a guest
  • Unlocked League of Legends accounts with all of the champions and skins available
  • Discounts on mice, keyboards, and headphones throughย Logitech

Private Lessons – $40/hour

Want to learn a new skill or champion? Or need a littleย extra boost to get you going? We can pair you up with one of our coaches to give you useful and fun one-on-one instruction.

VOD Reviews – $20/review

Our experienced coaches will review your competitive matches and give you thoughtful feedback on your play.


HEADS UP! We do not have a registration page. What we are doing is new and we like our first touchpoint to be one of our staff members. To register or ask questions, send us an email to!