Hi, I’m Adam! I’m a mechanical engineer with several years of experience in supporting US Navy programs and designing airports.  I’ve been an esports competitor since 2012 when I first discovered that I could play at a high level in Battlefield 3.  That game’s healthy competitive scene and its players’ determination to grind for a $1.6 million tournament turned me into an esports fanatic.  Smash has always been one of my favorite series and, upon the announcement of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I decided that I would dedicate most of my gaming time to competing in Smash.  I’m very excited to join the Game Gym and give back to the community I love by applying my skills and knowledge to coaching the next generation of esports competitors.  What I love most about the Gym is its focus on improving young gamers’ mentality and social skills through healthy competition.