Hi, I’m Maya! I’m an attorney and I have been working in downtown DC for the past four years. I have twelve plus years of tutoring experience, teaching Calculus, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics, among other subjects. I taught myself how to code, and now I have been volunteering as a Python (coding language) instructor for two years and counting. I discovered League of Legends while I was in law school, and it has been my favorite game ever since. Outside of work and gaming, my interests include traveling, reading, baking, and trying new teas. As a League of Legends coach, I would like to instill in my gamers the importance of critical thinking; I will teach them the fundamental mechanics and basic tactics of the game, but will also encourage them to develop and test their own strategies. I think what sets The Game Gym apart is its mission to train young gamers while also teaching them important life skills, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of it!