One Game Gym family's 1500 mile journey
One Game Gym family’s 1500 mile journey
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One Game Gym family’s 1500 mile journey

“It Was A Big Surprise”: Texas Family Comes To DC for Game Gym Camp

Last summer, Jonathan Galdamez participated in a variety of virtual camps and other activities from his home in Houston, Texas.

Included in that was a couple weeks of Game Gym summer camp for two different games.

As his mother, Amy Jordan, was planning for this summer, she asked Jonathan, “if you had to pick a camp to do again this summer, what would you do,” and he immediately said Game Gym.

“Everybody was so nice,” Jonathan said. “All the coaches, all the directors in the zoom meetings and Discord were willing to help, and the community was very accepting.”

When she saw that Game Gym was offering in-person summer camps in 2022, but only in the Washington, DC metro area, Amy decided to surprise him. She planned a trip so that Jonathan could participate in a “live” Game Gym camp in Virginia the week of July 4th..

“My daughter and I went sightseeing, we all got to experience the Fourth of July in Washington, and Jonathan had a great week with Game Gym,” Amy said.

“It was a big surprise,” Jonathan said. “I didn’t expect to travel all that way. It was a really good experience, and it was worth the trip!”

“I really liked the in-person Game Gym camp a lot,” Jonathan said. “It was fun to meet everybody in person, after spending time with them online the previous summer and over the winter break.”

“My favorite part was seeing everyone in the morning, ready to go, and learning about fitness and exercises to make sure you didn’t get hurt, before the afternoon gaming sessions,” he said. “Plus, I feel like I got better as a gamer both last summer and this summer at the Game Gym camps.”

Jonathan’s journey with Game Gym is just beginning: for the rest of the summer, he will be participating in Game Gym’s Coach in Training program with our Camp Director, Katy Crossan.

“Game Gym is all about helping gamers at every step of their esports journey,” Katy said. “They start as campers, then coaches in training, and then during college and beyond, they compete in our leagues and tournaments, and use the Game Gym app to continue training. We’re teaching people how to game better and game smarter, because we expect most of them to be Game Gym customers, and gamers, for life.”