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Game Gym Announces Our Series of VGBC Smash Bros Camps
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Game Gym Announces Our Series of VGBC Smash Bros Camps

New VGBC Super Smash Bros camps powered by Game Gym coming this August, 2021


Rockville, MD – July 19, 2021 

VGBC and Game Gym Announce Online Summer Camps!

Game Gym and VGBC are excited to announce that they are partnering to create a series of VGBC Smash Camps, Powered By Game Gym. There will be two exclusive online camps starting this August. The first one, starting August 2nd, is for beginners looking to develop their Smash skills. The second one, starting August 9th, is for more advanced smash players and will focus on higher-level skills and the mindset needed for competition.

“We’re excited to partner up with Game Gym to provide these kinds of opportunities to the next generation of players,” said Calvin Lofton, Co-Founder, VGBC. “VGBC’s #1 priority has always been the community, and we can’t wait to give everyone a fun and informative experience at the VGBC Smash Camp!”

“Game Gym is excited and honored to partner with VGBC to produce these awesome online camps this summer, and this is just the beginning”, said Josh Hafkin, Founder and CEO of Game Gym. “We look forward to growing with VGBC to incorporate live camps and offering even more weeks of camps in summer 2022 and beyond.”

The camps will incorporate Smash training, special guest appearances from your favorite VGBC staff, and Game Gym’s holistic approach to game education. Campers will spend their mornings discussing important topics like team building, effective communication, and the benefits of health and balance, and their afternoons diving into the skills and strategies needed to be a successful Smash competitor.

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We hope to see you at camp!

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Josh “ExtraBarbecue” Hafkin
CEO & Founder