What are esports? 

To learn more about esports, check out this short video.  Still have questions? CONTACT us! 

Who can participate?

The Game Gym welcomes everyone. 

What are the ages?

Our teams are for girls and boys under 18, but anyone can get a private lesson. 

Do gamers need their own gear?

Nope! We have everything you need, but you are welcome to bring your own controller, mouse, keyboard, etc. 

What are the seasons?

We have three seasons, Summer (June-August), Fall (September-December), and Spring (January-May). Each season will culminate with a competition or "summit". 

What does a class look like?

Classes are an hour and a half. Our coaches go into every class with a goal and a lesson plan based on that goal. The goals depend The remaining hour will be practice, focusing on a particular skill or strategy. 

What does it cost?

To learn more about pricing. Head over to our Join The Gym section.

Are private lessons available?

Yes! Private and small group lessons are available. 

How are coaches selected?

Coaches are selected based on their knowledge of the games and their passion for coaching.  All Game Gym coaches and staff undergo full background checks. 

Can a gamer join a class once the month starts?

Yes, if there is a space open, a gamer may join for a prorated cost. 

Can video games be addictive?

Yes. Video games are built to be addictive. They are constructed in a cyclical fashion (quest leads to reward leads to new quest) to be addictive. When a quest is completed, dopamine is released in higher levels in the brain. "This increased release of dopamine is the brain's reward response to achievement of a challenge. After making a prediction, choice, or action, and receiving feedback that it was correct, the reward from the release of dopamine prompts the brain to want to repeat that action and receive more dopamine-pleasure" -Psychology Today. There is no debate. Video game addictiton is real. We want to educate our gamers on how video games are built to be addictive, how they affect the brain, how to combat addiction, and provide resources for anyone struggling with video game addiction.

Can video games be harmful?

Video games themselves can be addictive (see above), but it is the bad habits formed in and around video games that can be most harmful. We feel as though our gamers will be better equipped to face the future if they are aware of and have the tools to combat cyber bullying, sexism, and health/nutritional concerns as they are introduced to video games.

Over the course of the season, we will be holding educational seminars for parents and gamers with a variety of guest speakers. We will also discuss these topics and others in our "Lesson of the Day" segments. We hope they produce meaningful conversations at The Game Gym and at home.