About the position: Game Gym is seeking an on-air talent intern for our new online membership program. The intern is someone who is highly knowledgeable and has a passion in games such as Super Smash Brothers, Rocket League, and Minecraft. The focus of this internship is to work with our production team while being the on-air talent to record written scripts.

Our on-air talent will be assigned to record previously written scripts by Game Gym content writers or coaches. The scripts include:

  • video game workouts that span 3-5 minutes in length
  • tips and tricks to help gamers improve their technique
  • hot topics that gamers are interested in.

The on-air talent will have the option to come into our Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland to record in our professional setting or record from home using the required equipment. Requirements include being comfortable in front of the camera, excellent communication skills, and high attention to detail.

About You: You are passionate about being part of the esports industry and someone who can think outside the box. You must be comfortable on screen and knowledgeable with the video recording and production processes.

Location: Remote and Game Gym Headquarters (optional) with primary communication in Game Gym discord using DM and voice.

Game Gym Intern Requirements: Here at the Game Gym, Communication is a major key to success. Our mission is to provide all interns opportunities where you can learn and grow your experiences.

As a Game Gym intern, we expect you to respond timely to DM in the discord and emails, meet any deadlines from your Manager, reliable and dependable. We also expect our interns to participate as often as they can in our weekly staff Zoom meeting which usually 20-30 minutes.