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Game Gym is the conduit through which the local (and now online) community interacts with esports. We are your friendly neighborhood esports training center. Think of us as Average Joe’s gym, but for esports. Our goal is to help people get better at their games, help our community learn healthy gaming habits, and provide a place where gamers, coaches, and parents can play and learn in a safe and creative environment. We run live and online camps, classes, private lessons, birthdays, and tournaments out of our headquarters in Rockville, MD.

Summer 2020 coaching positions available

  • FIFA Coach (1)
  • NBA2K Coach (1)

Summer 2020 Positions filled:

  • Valorant Coach (1)
  • Rocket League Coach (1)
  • FPS Coach – Console (1)
  • Minecraft Coach (2)

Summer 2020 Internship positions available

  • Camp Intern (2)
  • Tournaments Intern (1)
  • Production Intern (1)
  • Creative Intern (1)

About the Positions

We are looking for coaches and interns to make sure our online camps and summer programs exceed expectations. We need talented and energetic people to help us run daily camps and classes and develop curriculum and lesson plans. You will work closely with our Camp Director to make sure all camps are run smoothly and workouts are engaging. This is an online, summer position that will last from the agreed-upon start date to the agreed-upon end date. You will have the ability to work from home or Game Gym HQ depending on your location and comfortably. For more info on our camps, check out our Camp From Home page.

About You

We are looking for energetic people who know their games and have a passion for coaching the next generation of gamers.  You don’t need to be the highest competitive rank, but you will need to have a solid understanding of game mechanics and strategies. In this role, you will fuse your knowledge of the game with Game Gym’s structured method. You will need to communicate effectively, be able to manage a group of kids, and bring a ton of positive energy to our program.

Sound like you? To apply and upload your resume CLICK HERE.

Looking forward to meeting you!


  • Be a great mentor to our members and campers
  • Assist with camp daily operations
  • Write practices for training sessions
  • Assist with tournaments and other Game Gym events


  • Experience working with kids or young adults
  • Competitive experience in your game
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure