The Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference Becomes a Partner Conference for Riot Game’s College League of Legends Program

MAEC Members


The Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference (MAEC) is pleased to announce that Riot Games, publisher of the League of Legends video game, has accepted the MAEC as a partner conference in Riot’s College League of Legends program, including participation in the annual College Championship each spring.

This allows the MAEC to host a full season of competitions among its member schools during the fall and spring semesters, and guarantees that each spring, the winner of the MAEC League of Legends Championship Tournament will receive an automatic bid to Riot’s College Championship field of 32. Other MAEC teams may also qualify for the College Championship each year with “at large” bids.

“This is a huge development and a great benefit to all of our MAEC member schools,” said Josh Hafkin, CEO of Game Gym, which manages the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference. “An automatic bid for our spring champion each year, as well as Riot’s recognition of the importance of our young conference, is a vote of confidence for everything we are doing with the MAEC.”

“The RSAA is proud to welcome the MAEC as one of the first esports conferences to join the College League of Legends Season,” said J.T. Vandenbree, Operations & Championships Lead at Riot. “We want to partner with organizations who are elevating the player experience at their member institutions, and we believe in the MAEC to make that happen.”

“It’s amazing that less than a year after its inception, the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference continues to make great strides in positioning the region as a leader in the collegiate esports space,” said Joey Gawrysiak, Director, Esports at Shenandoah University. “Shenandoah is proud to be a founding member of the conference, and I am proud to serve on the MAEC’s Board of Governors.”

For more information on the MAEC and our involvement with college League of Legends, please visit maec.gg.

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