Game Gym Welcomes Two New Smash Coaches!

We are excited to announce our new Smash Coaches, Ben “Broseidon” McHugh, and Andrew “Bluuest” Gates!

Game Gym is excited to have two new coaches join our ranks!

Coach Brosiedon follows Coach Bonz and Coach Marteen as yet another Yoshi we’ve had on the Game Gym staff. A crowd pleaser and master of unpredictability, he sets his opponents up for the craziest KOs and just when you think you’ve downloaded everything, he surprises you again!

If it is a platform fighting game, Bluuest is probably pretty good at it. A Donkey Kong/R.O.B. main in Ultimate, Bluuest is always a formidable force when you meet him in bracket. He brings a deep understanding of past and present Smash games as well as a wealth of competition experience in a variety of games.

As we turn our sights towards 2020, we are incredibly excited to have Ben and Andrew join our team of coaches!


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