Introducing Superflex!

The Game Gym presents the first SuperFLEX, a Super Smash Bros. tournament weekend featuring one full day of Ultimate events, followed by one full day of Melee events. This means more space, more setups, and more fun! Registration gives you unlimited access to both days of Smash at the Game Gym, allowing you to enter any combination of games and events. All Game Gym Members have their competition fees waived and can enter SuperFLEX free of charge. The Game Gym will add the entry fee to the prize pool in their place for each event entered.

SuperFLEX: Gym Leaders will draw from the local school rivalries developed at FLEX events and allow for actual bragging rights to be earned. Gym leaders will be selected to represent different local schools. These gym leaders will be announced prior to the tournament and anyone who defeats one in any event will earn a badge. SuperFLEX: Gym Leaders will also feature a special crew battle to close out each day. This crew battle will be fought between gym teams, each consisting of a gym leader and their choice of players from their school.

How many badges can you collect? Will you conquer the Ultimate Singles or Melee Singles event and be named SuperFLEX Champion? Will your school prove itself as a late game final gym, or a first city gym with 4x weakness to two of the three starters? Enter this FLEX League Challenge and find out!

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