​Thank you to all of our new members that made an effort to come out on Monday. Looking forward, we have an awesome Spring Season that is just about to get underway! Here are the new events and important things to add to your calendar:

Weekends and Fridays

We are now open weekends from 12:00-6:00 PM and we will be slowly increasing our programming on weekends and Friday evenings. As soon as all the dates are solidified, I will be sending out an updated event calendar. These are the things on the horizon:

  • Washington Justice Watch Parties – Washington DC has recently joined the Overwatch League and our team, the Washington Justice, will be playing live on Twitch. We will be hosting watch parties at the Gym to cheer our team on to victory.  The first watch party will be held on, February 16th at 4:30 PM. You can learn more about the Washington Justice HERE and you can see our team’s full schedule HERE. All watch parties will be added to the Game Gym’s calendar on our website. 
  • Speaker Series – Once a month, we will be facilitating a conversation with someone in the gaming and esports industries. From game developers to esports pros to cybersecurity experts, it is my goal to bring in a diverse group of people to bring different perspectives on the gaming world. These events will also be announced and added to our calendar.  
  • Society of Sorcery – Make new friends, level up your skill, and compete in our tournament at our Magic: The Gathering Arena workshop, presented by The Society of Sorcery: a new card game & tabletop RPG club for high school students at The Game Gym. More information will be coming out shortly on the details and dates of the workshops. 

Summer Camp

Registration is now open for Game Gym Summer Camps! If you haven’t heard, our summer camps are AWESOME! To get a taste, check out our Summer Camp Recap Video. We will be reserving spots for any Game Gym members that are interested before we open up registration to the public. For more info and all the dates, head to www.GameGym.com/Camps


For all of our Super Smash Bros competitors who are interested, we will be organizing a trip to Xanadu in Laurel Park, MD to compete in POUND April 19-21. POUND is one of our area’s major Smash competitions and it is an awesome opportunity to get a taste of what the next level of Smash Bros competition is like. The staff and I will be facilitating rides and helping our members on site, so if you are interested, you can learn more and register HERE


IGNITE 2 will be taking place June 8th. We will be announcing the event in the next couple weeks and more details will follow, but we wanted to make sure everyone put the date on their calendar now. 


We have had a lot of interest from our older members to bring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive classes to the Gym. CSGO is one of the major esports, scholarships to college are available, and it is one of the more prestigious esports. It is also a shooting game which is why we will be setting the age limit for this class to 14 and requiring a waiver from parents. These two elements are non-negotiable. We think that there is a positive way to feature shooting games at the Gym and we would like to try to do it in a responsible manner. With that in mind, I wanted to make all parents aware that we will be offering CSGO and the parameters around it. 

If anyone has questions, send us an email to Admin@GameGym.com!​


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