Whewwwwwwww! It has been whirlwind and I cannot believe that we are almost done with our first Fall season! Over the weekend, our League of Legends and Overwatch teams went out to the Tech Time Gaming Lounge and competed in our first IGNITE! The goal of the event was to go somewhere unfamiliar, play on unfamiliar gear, and despite all that, find a way to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I was incredibly impressed with our team and their ability to adapt to the challenges presented to them and still compete at a high level. We had a blast and most importantly, we did it as a team. Huge props to our staff for training our members, preparing them for the competition, and their efforts on gameday.
All competitors were forces to be reckoned with but at the end, the Matts ruled the day. Congratulations to Matthew “Shoobie-Doo” Shubin for winning our Overwatch competition and Matthew “Don’t Look Directly At The” Sun for winning our League of Legends tournament!!! 

But the season isn’t over just yet! Our Smash team is prepping for their Fall summit, FLEXmas, which will be held on December 21st at 7:00 PM. This is our first Smash Ultimate competition and it should be a big one! If you would like to volunteer to help out, we would love your help. Heads up, there is a chance that we may move to the VisArts space in Rockville if registration exceeds our expectations, but I will give plenty of heads up if that is the case.

The coaching staff and I are incredibly proud of all of our competitors. It isn’t about winning and losing, its about making the effort and our members give one helluva effort. Let’s finish the season strong!

– ExtraBarbecue


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