We are starting an esports team!

We are excited to announce the next steps in the growth of The Game Gym. First, we are starting an esports team! The Game Gym Astrodons will be competing locally and online in a variety of different esports. Second, we are excited to announce that we are now opening our program to 14-18 year old competitors.

Our younger ‘Dons are focused on learning the basics of the games. They will be introduced to a variety of games until they find the esport that suits them. With our younger ‘Dons, we put an emphasis on learning the games, but also how to balance life and gaming.

Our older ‘Dons are focused on working on skills that will help them exceed at local and national tournaments. In addition to preparing for competition, our older ‘Dons are introduced to the ecosystem of esports and gaming so that they can explore their passions wherever they may take them.

We felt it was very important to first establish that we were a place to come and play games IN PERSON. We are not robots. We are real people, with a real training center where you can come a play. Now that people know what we are and what we do, we are shifting our focus from “the Gym” to “the team.” Through these changes, we are excited to create avenues for as many people in our community to explore esports and all of their passions.

Wait…why Astrodons? The Astrodon is a real dinosaur that roamed the Maryland area during the Cretaceous Period. It is also the state Dinosaur of Maryland! Who knew we had a state dinosaur?!

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